Chili or Mango


2016 Cross Video Days – Shortlist

2015 Filmteractive Festival Shortlist – in competition

2013 Mediadesign competition Bronze Award

2013 Golden Eye DOP Festival award – TV film category



Chili or Mango is a self-developed romcom series with Zeno, the playboy food critic and Lili, the gluten-intolerant confectioner as protagonists. An interactive version was produced that could be „played” on a smartphone by the viewer, and also a Tv version that was screened by Viasat3 channel in the middle of prime time. In the 9 episodes of the first season you can see characters like Jácint, the dietitian (Tamás Keresztes), the strict editor-in-chief (Andrea Fullajtár) or the simple nurse (Nóra Trokán) who has no blood but ketchup smearsed on her white mantle.


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