Filmdrops was founded in 2012 with the aim of creating the groundbreaking idea based series, Chili or Mango. The romantic comedy could be viewed on a smartphone screen in an application that allowed the viewer to interactively direct the actions of the protagonists thus changing the story. After producing the series we continued our common passion, creating motion pictures. We are constantly looking for film challenges through commercials, music videos and different corporate videos. Our goal is to create the highest quality conceptually and visually, unique, special and fresh new film/video contents together with our partners.




  • Full-service film production
  • Online advertisement
  • Music videos
  • Corporate videos
  • TVC
  • Content development
  • Creating infographics and animation
  • Photography
  • Lyrics videos
  • Sevice works
  • Shooting during live events
  • Sound design

We worked
together with

  •  VIASAT3
  •  Republic Group
  •  Universal Music Hungary
  •  Magneoton
  •  Mistral Music
  •  Quimby
  •  ByeAlex
  • Bëlga
  • Honeybeast
  • 1G Records
  • ALD Automotive
  • Freddie
  • Markweb
  • Greenroom
  • PASO
  • Radics Gigi
  • Pál Dénes
  • Pankastic
  • Copy Con
  • Firkin
  • Csodák Palotája

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